Don't Lose Your Parental Rights

Don't Lose Your Parental Rights

Hire a child protection attorney in Baton Rouge, LA

he Office of Child Services (OCS) has taken your child unjustly- what should you do? When your worst nightmare becomes a reality, turn to a child protection attorney. Parents in Baton Rouge, LA turn to Hodges Law Firm when they need effective legal representation. Attorney Russell Hodges will fight for your parental rights in the courtroom.

Se habla espaƱol. Attorney Russell Hodges can draw on over three decades of litigation experience. He can determine whether OCS has acted lawfully. Call 225-665-5454 now to start working on your case with a reputable family attorney.

Attorney Russell Hodges will advocate for you

f your child has been taken from you, you're probably feeling angry and overwhelmed. Attorney Russell Hodges wants to help you overcome this difficult period while retaining your parental rights. He will work directly with OCS as your child protection attorney. He has a proven track record helping clients in Baton Rouge, LA dispute neglect, runaway and juvenile delinquency claims.

Don't try to resolve OCS disputes on your own. Reach out to a family attorney for help.